Monday April 13, 2020

Tim Bishop School Message

Hello New Vision Nighthawks,

As mentioned in previous communications, New Vision Charter School will be grading on a slightly different scale than Thompson School District. This decision was one made through lengthy conversations with teachers, administrative teams, and through careful review of parent feedback. We understand that these times are different from any other experience in the history of education. We know that each family and student is living a different experience than their colleagues and peers during this time, and it is our goal to provide an equitable educational experience for every student at NVCS. We have worked hard in reviewing Colorado Department of Education expectations and guidelines during this time to create an equitable grading scale for grades K-8 will accurately document what was being taught during this time.

Grades K-5 and Specials/Encore:

In grades K-5 and in the specials/encore classes students will receive grades on a Satisfactory Plus (S+) through a Satisfactory Minus (S-) scale. This means that students who go above the classroom expectations will receive an S+, students who meet classroom expectations will receive an S (Satisfactory), and students who participated and showed effort on activities will receive an S-. This grading scale will not impact student’s overall GPA for the 2019-2020 school year and it will be noted that the grading scale was altered due to an uncontrollable event. Individual teachers will communicate how students will be assessed and what it will take for students to receive an S+,S, or S-.

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Middle school classes will continue to use a traditional grading scale (A-F). During this time our middle school teams have significantly adjusted their expectations and workload to better fit distance learning. Our teachers are very flexible during this time and we encourage you to communicate with them if you are finding your student is struggling with any component of distance learning. This will allow us to better support you and your student during this time. It is our goal for no student to struggle with their education during this time and for all students to feel successful during their distance learning experience.

Finish Up Fridays:

Grades K-8 will use Fridays as a time for students and families to work on assignments. No new content will be assigned or taught during these days and families can schedule these days in a way that best fits their individual needs. Teachers will be available to support students with questions or individual video calls throughout the day.

If you have any questions about the grading scales, or Finish Up Fridays please don’t hesitate to reach out to your building administrators.