Friday March 20, 2020

Good Afternoon Nighthawk Nation,

We want to start by thanking our students, families, and teachers for your patience during this time as our team has worked to establish a clear plan for our virtual learning. New Vision Charter School knows how important your child’s education is and our teachers have worked hard to ensure that students receive top quality education during the closures that have been mandated by Governor Polis.

There have been daily changes and updates regarding public education in the state of Colorado in response to COVID-19. While there are still many unknowns, here is what we do know:

  • Governor Polis suspended in-person learning in public schools across the state through April 17. We are adjusting our school closures accordingly; students are now projected to return to school on April 20. However, this could be extended even further as timelines are evaluated in the context of community health and safety in consultation with local, state, and national health agencies.

  • The Colorado Department of Education announced that it is officially canceling 2019-20 end-of-the-year assessments, including the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS).

  • CHSAA announced that its spring sports moratorium is now extended through April 18, and that all CHSAA music events have been cancelled for 2020. NCIL, the league that NVCS is a part of, will be following CHSAA in their moratorium. Please check our sports website for regular updates.

In order to support you and your child(ren) with learning opportunities during the next week, we have prepared a Google Document with free enrichment learning resources for families to use during our extended break. The purpose of this enrichment learning is to provide extra opportunities for students in grades K-8. Your children are familiar with these digital programs and are currently using many of them in class. They are completely optional opportunities meant to engage students and they are available online.

Knowing that not all families have computers at home, we have a plan to deploy Chromebooks to students and families that need them. This plan will be sent out Monday, March 23, 2020 via email. While we do have the ability to check Chromebooks out to students, we strongly recommend that if your household has technology (laptops, tablets, smartphones) available that you use your personal devices during this time.

Please take a few moments to complete this technology survey so we can best assess the needs and support families to the best of our abilities. Please complete the survey by Monday, March 23 at noon.

Teachers will be sending out a letter to parents and students Friday, March 27, 2020 with information regarding your student’s virtual learning. This communication will include their Google Classroom codes, virtual class schedules, teacher contact information, and teacher’s virtual office hours. Important information to know about our virtual learning platform:

  • Students classes will be run through Google Classroom

  • Teacher videos will be hosted through Google Hangouts Meet. Links to videos will be posted on Google Classroom.

    • Some teachers will host live sessions and then post the recorded lesson for students to access at later times. Some teachers will only offer pre-recorded lessons and activities and then be available during their digital office hours to offer students support. We trust our teachers to do what works best for their grade levels and content areas.

      • We will not be taking attendance during our virtual learning lessons, however assignments will have due dates and will be graded.

  • Student Usernames and Passwords were provided at Parent Teacher Conferences. In order for the password to work, you will need to add your child’s student ID number to the end of the 3 letters provided. Your child’s student ID can be found in Infinite Campus. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher or principal.

    • If you did not attend PTCs and your student does not know their Username or Password, please contact their teacher and it will be provided to you.

  • We will continue to provide student grades via Infinite Campus during this time based on the work students complete and turn in virtually.

  • Some students might complete their course work faster than a regular school day. Work with your student(s) to find a schedule that works best for them.

    • It is important to incorporate breaks and exercise during the day. Emotional and physical well being are as important during this time as academics.

  • Please partner closely with your student’s teacher and communicate if you have any questions or concerns. Close communication during this time is essential.

  • Parent and student digital support videos/resources

    • We will have video tutorials for students and parents posted on a Google Site. The link to this site will be located on the NVCS Website. Please check our website often for these updated support tools.

If you do not have internet access at home, you can park your car close to a school building or public library to use the public wifi from the parking lot without leaving your vehicle. Additionally, there are links provided below regarding free or low cost internet to families during this time, we encourage families to utilize these resources.

We, as well as many other Colorado schools and districts, are in uncharted waters with the closure of our schools. We ask that you be patient and understanding with teachers, and have asked that our teachers be patient, supportive, and understanding with students and parents. We are all learning together on this venture into 100% virtual learning. Our number one priority is that students are learning as much as they can during this time and that we are facilitating this learning to the best of our ability. We know and acknowledge that schedules are difficult right now and every family is impacted differently with closures and work schedules, which is why we will do our very best to be flexible and understanding. We are eager to connect with you after our extended break. We have missed our students very much and are glad to be able to begin learning and connecting again with them in a virtual format.

Important Links:

Technology Survey

Free or Low Cost Internet

Online Educational Resources/Supplements for Parents

Please continue to watch the New Vision Charter School website, facebook and your email for additional updates.

As always, we thank you for your continued support.

Tim Bishop

Executive Director

Marian Hejl

4-8 Principal

Mary Baker

K-3 Principal

Todd Bissell

K-8 Assistant Principal