Getting Started

Getting Started with Remote Learning at NVCS

This guide is here to provide you with everything you need to get started Remote Learning at NVCS. The first section covers everything you will need to connect to Remote Learning, and the second section provides how-to information for getting connected.

Section 1: Things you will need

Internet Access

Computer Access

Account Information

  1. Internet Access

Option 1) In order to connect for Remote Learning, you will need access to the Internet. If you already have Internet access at home, move on to step 2.

Option 2) If you are in need of Internet access at home, please review the list of Internet Service Providers that we have identified as offering free or reduced rate Internet services during COVID-19.

Option 3) If you do not have internet access at home, you can park your car in the 4-8 campus parking lot to use the school's WiFi, or the public library to use the public WiFi. Please remain in your vehicle.

  • School WiFi - If you are using a New Vision Chromebook, they will connect to the WiFi automatically. If you are using your own devices please us this information:

    • Wireless Name: NVCS-Guest

    • Wireless Password: Exceptional

  1. Computer Access

Option 1) If you already have an available computer at home (Chromebook, Windows PC, Apple Mac or Linux) you can run the Chrome Web Browser to gain access to everything you need for Remote Learning. Students must log into the Chrome Web Browser to receive access to NVCS educational tools. A video tutorial for logging into Chrome is available in the 'How-To Videos' section.

Option 2) You can check out a Chromebook from NVCS by following the instructions provided to you by your NVCS principal.

Option 3) If you would like to purchase a computer to use from home, we have listed several resources on the Recommended Tech page to help you find a budget friendly option.

  1. Account Information

To access NVCS Remote Learning, students will need to log into Chrome using their New Vision Google G Suite for Education Accounts. If you do not have the account information, please follow the instructions under Login Information.

Section 2: Things to Do

Sign in to your NVCS G Suite for Education account

Access Google Classroom

Access live interactive or streamed lessons from your teacher

  1. Sign in

To access NVCS Remote Learning you will need to be signed in to your NVCS Google G Suite for Education account.

  1. Access Classroom

All information from your teacher(s) will be posted in Google Classroom, so start every day by accessing Google Classroom to see what information your teacher has shared with you.